27 May 2011

The Wedding in GREEN.....


It has been several months or a year.. (i lost count) since my last post..
and the days passed without me using any of my creativity..or let's just say, I was in no mood to use any or time's my all time greatest enemy.. (alasan basi..and POYO!) ahaks..

My brother's wedding is getting closer and here comes my favorite part.....the Hantaran!!!
He wanted the theme at our house to be in GREEN..everything must be in green..(as planned several months before but he ended up renting a baju melayu in beige)..when everything else is in green....I must say, it's a good idea by the way, since the couple will be wearing something different which will definitely outshine other family members in green.. Cerdik Angah ek!! hahahaha..

enuff said, I'm here to talk about the GREEN hantaran. As always, I don't like to have only one colour for a hantaran..so, besides the green deco n flowers I also matched it with things in silver. There are five items altogether and it took me 2 whole days to finish everything.
("2 whole days" means Roshi, doing the hantaran and the hantaran only..no other works required) :)..and here they are.....

1- Rafflesia in pink..(our own version..me and my mak.heheh)

2- The handmade 'handbag' from Acheh.:)

3- a basket full of LOVE....

4- and more.........

5- and last but not least...

-- la familia--------->>>>>>>>>>>

ok..that's all for now..hope to see all of you again...

n do enjoy your cup of TEA!!! (no matter what people say ya!) ;)


01 June 2010

Wedding favors

Di sini ada 2 jenis wedding favors, yang boleh digunakan untuk letak telur ataupun sweets and candies...

Colours of the details and ribbons are customized according to customer's needs.. ikut lah nak warna apa. Untuk yang ini, for 2 weddings separately iaitu tema purple and gold.

No. 1- purple

No. 2- Gold

bye..enjoy your cup of tea!...

13 July 2009

A gift for those who came.....

Salam friends,

Yang bakal ditunjukkan nanti adalah 2 jenis door gift yang berbeza untuk 2 tema wedding yang berbeza. Kosnya jugak agak berbeza sebab material yang digunakan adalah berlainan.

theme No. 1- Maroon and Gold

theme No. 2- Purple and White

The Maroons-

close-up view

open box

The Purples-

close- up view

Bye..enjoy your cup of tea!

My first Teddy!

Taraaaaaa.....My first hand-crafted teddy!

Dah lama sebenarnya nak siapkan Red Teddy ni..tapi tergendala..sampai 2 tahun tergendalanya..sigh..
anyway, this is my first try..I watched a TV show called 'Sew it'..(kalau tak silapnya lah, itu tajuknya-stand corrected) 2 years back..the first episode I watched, it teaches the audience on how to make a teddy bear/ stuffed toys..So, inilah hasilnya..

I'm going to make more colourful stuffed animals and teddies....soon ya!..

More pictures of my first teddy:

the actual size.....

Little angel...

Hope you like it!

Till then, enjoy your cup of tea....!

24 June 2009

tHE pURPLE and whITE ThemE

Bekas Cincin.

Bakul buah- it's empty though..heheh

The boxes- backside view

These are some of the hantaran (box basket)- front view

close up.

Items shown are made 3 months ago for a wedding in Taiping.
The Bride wanted the hantaran to be put in a Box Basket
Kecuali untuk kotak cincin dan bakul buah, semua hantaran diletakkan ke dalam container berbentuk kotak.

Thank you..enjoy your cup of tea.

My first Post!

Alhamdulillah, I did it!

Finally....my own blog where I can pour in all things related to my addiction on ART especially all sorts of wedding deco!

Well, it all started as a hobby and after seeing my mother who lovessssss to do a 'hantaran' everytime a cousin of mine got married..and now I'm soo into it!

Saja je nak post my own creation so that, it will be remembered because some of it have it's own story and sentimental value.

soon, ITEMS shown might be up for sale and bookings!ekekekek
(with God's will-InsyaAllah)

Thank you ....enjoy your cup of tea!